Firehouse Bar & Grill St. Louis

A Place To Hang Your Helmet


Fried Chicken or BBQ Chicken 

White and Dark Meat Chicken served with Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy and Biscuits.   

2 piece (one white, one dark) $11.99 per person, 

3 piece (one white, two dark) $12.99 per person, 

4 piece (half chicken) $13.99 per person

You Pick 

Chicken Modega, Fried Cod, Pork Roast or Roast Beef with Gravy served with your choice of two sides.

$14.99 per person

Choice of sides – Baked Beans, Corn Casserole, Green Beans, Loaded Red Potatoes (Potatoes topped with Queso Cheese, Bacon and Green Onion), Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Pasta Salad or Slaw.

Mashed Potato Bar 

Bacon Bits, Butter, Shredded Cheese, Green Onions and Sour Cream

Add $1.00 per person

*Coffee, Tea and Soft drinks included in price per person

St. Louis BBQ

BBQ Beef Brisket , BBQ Pulled Pork or Smoked Turkey Breast

1 Full Pan Beef Brisket - 30 Servings - $149.99

1/2 Pan Beef Brisket - 15 Servings - $79.99

Full Pan Pulled Pork - 30 Servings - $84.99

1/2 Pan Pulled Pork - 15 Servings - $49.99

Full Pan Smoked Turkey - 30 Servings - $94.99

1/2 Pan Smoked Turkey - 15 Servings - $54.99


Full Pan Baked Beans, Corn Casserole, Green Beans, Mashed  Potatoes, Pasta Salad 

Full Pan (40 Servings)  $54.99

Half Pan (20 Servings)  $34.99

Loaded Red Potatoes or Potato Salad

Full Pan (40 Servings)  $59.99

Half Pan (20 Servings)  $39.99

Cole Slaw

Full Pan (40 Servings)  $44.99

Half Pan (20 Servings)  $24.99


Apple Crisp

15 Servings $29.99

Berry Cobbler

15 Servings $35.99

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding

15 Servings $37.99


(also available for carry out or delivery with advance notice)

Lasagna – A classic. Lasagna noodles, layered with Homemade Meat Sauce, Ricotta Cheese, Parmesan and Mozzarella. 

Full Pan (24 Pieces)  $79.00

Half Pan (12 Pieces)  $45.99

Pasta Con Broccoli – Shell noodles in White Cream Sauce and Broccoli Florets.   

Full Pan $64.99

Half Pan $35.99 

(Add Chicken for $15.00)

Shell Pasta with Meat Sauce – Shell noodles served in Homemade Red Meat Sauce topped with Parmesan.  

Full Pan $64.99

Half Pan $35.99

Mega Sub Sandwich – Ham, Roast Beef, Salami, Provel Cheese, Red Onion, Banana Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato with a Creamy Italian Sauce.  One foot serves 9-10 people.  $14.99 per foot

Jumbo Wings (50) – Our Famous Sweet Heat, BBQ, Five Alarm, Teriyaki, BBQ Rub, Garlic Fire, Garlic Parmesan or St. Louis Style served with Homemade Ranch and Blue Cheese.   $49.99

Chicken Tenders (25) – Boneless, battered and fried golden, served with Ranch or Blue Cheese.   $39.99

Pizza – 14” Cheese St. Louis Style Pizza   $9.99 ($1.79 for each additional topping)

Pretzel Bites (50) – Fried bite sized Pretzels drizzled with Butter, sprinkled with Kosher Salt and served with Jalapeno Cheese Sauce. $34.99
Spinach Artichoke Dip – Homemade dip served with Tortilla Chips. Serves 25-30.   $44.99 
Toasted Raviolis (50) – A St. Louis favorite, dusted with Parmesan and served with Marinara. $34.99 

Salad – Your choice of a Caesar salad with Croutons and Fresh Caesar dressing, or our Firehouse Salad with Red Onions, Provel Cheese, Black Olives and Tomato served with our Homemade Ranch Dressing.  Serves 40.   $39.99 per tray. 

Chips & Salsa - Single Serving add $1.00 per person

Unlimited Chips & Salsa add $2.50 per person

Fruit Tray - Seasonal Fruit.  Serves 40 as a side.   $49.99 per tray.

Veggie Tray – Broccoli, Carrots, Celery and Cauliflower served with Homemade Ranch Dressing. Serves 40 as a side.   $49.99 per tray.

Snack Bowls - $2.99 per table.  Ask Laura for details.

Bread - Sliced Bread available with all of our Full Meal and Ala Carte Options.  $.50 per person.

Soda, Tea, Coffee and Lemonade.  $1.99 per person for total in party. 
Please ask Laura for drink and bar options.